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Page history last edited by Juri Strumpflohner 16 years, 4 months ago

Meeting, 09.08.2007


  • Matthias Braunhofer
  • Markus Tragust
  • Juri Strumpflohner


Discussion points

  • Firstlife common database: integration and shared tables
  • Firstlife login and user registration
  • midlet size / memory problems?
  • Other


Elaborated things

a) Firstlife common database: integration and shared tables

The common DB name of Firstlife is "firstlife"

Everybody developing on Firstlife should download MySql (see DB section) and install it on its local development machine. The DB will then be put online when everything will be integrated.

The SQL script of the common DB will be placed on the SVN repository in the folder "CommonDB". The script can be used to create the DB on the local MySQL instance. Every change to the local DB should result in changes to the SQL script on the SVN repository (as soon as the changes are definitive) such that all team members have the actual DB on place.



b) Firstlife login and user registration

The login will be done over the Social Network server (Matthias). At startup of the Firstlife midlet, a Login-form appears, where username and password have to be filled out. The data is sent to the Social Network server, where the user is authenticated (if it exists). On success, the contact-list of the user (see appropriate ContactList object in Firstlife midlet) will be initialized(from the Social Network server) and consequently the initial menu of Firstlife will be displayed. Moreover the username and password will be stored (in a RecordStore) on the local (mobile) device. If a Firstlife component (on the mobile side) wants to know which user is currently logged in (e.g. for including the username and/or password in his server requests), he can get it by using the ContactList object in the Firstlife midlet (in case of problems and/or difficulties contact Matthias).

The registration of non-existing users will also be performed over the Social Network server, however it has still to be implemented!


c) Midlet size / memory problem?

Mainly due to our images, the midlet jar size has become quite large (~300kb) for a mobile application.

Suggestions are mainly:

  • use 16x16 px pictures on lists for the navigation
  • Pictures should be in "png" format
  • try to reuse pictures of team members as much as possible (for saving memory)





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