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Page history last edited by Juri Strumpflohner 16 years, 4 months ago

Meeting, 31.07.2007


  • Matthias Braunhofer
  • Markus Tragust
  • Juri Strumpflohner (recorder)
  • Roberto Gritti



Problems treated

  • Integration on the Server side
  • Integration on the Client side
  • Common business classes



Decisions taken

We decided more or less the following integration schema:


On the server side, every Firstlife component (Chat, Social Network,...) has its own server. All of them use the same MySQL database. In this way, each server uses the DB data which he needs and moreover we don't have the overhead of redirecting requests from the Firstlife mobile client to the corresponding server-class. Moreover each student can keep the way (protocol, XML communication model, etc...) he connects to his server and therefore keep the work he has done till now without having to rewrite everything. The reason is also that in this way, for instance the Mobile posting system has not to care about friends and virtual friends on the server side, but it can retrieve a list of them by accessing methods of the Social Network component on the mobile side or by accessing the shared business and/or utility classes. Therefore on the mobile side (as the free-form diagram above shows) we have all the components of Firstlife and a single midlet which is able to start all of the components. All the components on the mobile side reside in different packages and are able to interact between them.


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