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Project Description

The project's goal is to implement a system that gives the possibility to the users to send requests to other users.

The user insert a request in his/her mobile device with bluetooth; when the bluetooth has in its range some other devices it passes the request. When the the other device receive a request, promt the user with a popup, and if the user answer positively because is interested in the request, he/she receive the contact of the requester.


Project Composition

The system is composited by a mobile application to run on devices with bluetooth and a little server side application that retrieve the informations about the requester once the request is accepted.



User A lives in Bolzano and wants to attend the concert that is tomorrow in Trento, but he has no car. He takes his mobilephone in which Firstlife with ANTS in installed and write "I'm looking for someone who goes tomorrow evening to the concert in Trento by car.".

He goes around the city and his request is spreads about. The users B and C receive the request, but they deny the request. Users B and C are now seeds and they continue to spread about the request. User C gives the request to user D, E and F. and finally F is going to go to Trento tomorrow evening and he can carry also user A, so he accept the request.

User F receive the contact of user A and he can talk to him to plan the meeting.



Ants Use Cases Diagram

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