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This part of the project is divided in two main part, that allow you to chat both with the friends close to you ( through Bluetooth ) and with people in your contact list ( through the Internet ).



Bluetooth chat


Bluetooth chat allow you to chat with people you can find in the range of the bluetooth




Internet chat


Internet chat allow you to chat with the people in your contact list connecting to a server on the Internet


This chat should be location based, means the client is able get the ID of the cell to which it is connected.

Every client should identify itself on the server with its name and current position in form of the current Cell ID. This enables other clients to find people that are located in the same area.


Each client also has a profile with his personal information. This allows other users to search for certain people.


The users can store their contacts on the mobile device as a contact list. To distinguish between users that stay in the same cell and users that are outside of the cell there will be a symbol near each contact to clarify that.




The clients connect to a central server. This requires a login with nickname and password to guarantee the identity of a user.

The clients and the server communicate over sockets, the messages are encoded in XML to ensure compatibility.


Progress: Location Based Chat

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