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Progress of location based chat



Done till now(06.07.07)



  1. Location based features roughly implemented over JSR-179
  2. Started to develop the client on the mobile device.

User can create his profile, store it on the mobile device.

User can log in with his nickname and password on the server.

The chat works at a very low level.


  1. Database connection on the server is done. MySQL 5 is used.
  2. Started to implement the communication between the clients and the server over XML.

On the serverside JDOM is used to create and parse XML

On the clients KXML is used, to parse the XML strings that sent by the server and other clients.




Week 2 (09.07-15.07.07)


  1. Finish the communication between clients and server.
  2. Start to implement the search for other users and storing them into the contact list. The user can search for contacts by entering the nickname, and the name of searched user in the TextFields. An open question is whether the user can search for users in all areas or only in the current cell where the user is currently connected.



Week 3 (16.07-22.07.07)


  1. Implement the contact list

I Decided to store the contacts of a user only on the server side. Storing the information also(or only) on the client doesn't give any benefit. Storing the contact list on the server side has the advantage to receive a users conacts very easy. If a user logs on, the server should send to all other clients that have the user in their contact list a message that the user logged in.


Week 4 (23.07-29.07.07)


  1. Implement a TabbedForm for the Chat.


During the development of the chat i encountered the problem, that it is not easy to chat with several users at the same time for two reasons:

  • Mobile deviced do not allow to have several windows on the screen at a given point in time.
  • even it this would be possible, the screen of a mobile device is to small to do so.


For this reasons we decided to use a "TabbedForm" for the Chat window. Since Sun's J2ME does not have such a control I had to search for a alternative. I found http://www.j2mepolish.org/ which would match exactly what I need but unfortunately it is to big to use it on a usual mobile phone. So I decided to implement the "TabbedForm" on my own using the Canvas class which already present in J2ME.


Week 5 (30.07.-05.08.07)


  1. Intgrate the TabForm into the chat
  2. Intgrate the Bluetooth chat from Matthias into the internet chat(both use the TabForm now)
  3. User can finaly add users into his contact list


Week 6 (06.08.-12.08.07)


  1. Delete user from contact list
  2. Improve the login/logout operations
  3. Create a new user


Week 7 (13.08.-19.08.07)


  1. To enable the bluetooth chat even if the user is not connected to the interten, the contacl list will be stored also on the mobile device
  2. Users will now also get messages that some client has sent to them while they were not online
  3. Start to implement the location based services(getting the cell id)

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